Building Your Collaborative Practice

Friday, September 27th, 2019
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Hilton Garden Inn
9150 Carothers Parkway
Franklin, TN 37067  map
Course will be submitted for CLE approval in Tennessee
$125 or $150, if CLE credit desired
Introductory Collaborative Training

Integrating Collaborative Practice into your existing family law practice is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Learning how to talk about Collaborative Practice or other Peacemaking approaches to resolving family law matters is just as important as actually completing the training. Taking some time to navigate the introduction of these processes into our interactions with our existing or potential clients helps family law practitioners become more adept at creating a new income stream or bolstering one that already exists.

Incorporating Collaborative Practice into an existing family law practice is not always easy. We often hear from newly or even previously trained collaborative professionals that they are struggling to create a book of business for collaborative work. Making this transition requires some small shifts that can have a big impact upon your practice. It is a paradigm shift of not only client interaction and representation but also interactions with counterpart counsel and sometimes even the Court. This training is designed to help practitioners learn how to talk about collaborative with their clients; how to work with counterpart or opposing counsel to get a collaborative case up and running; and how to invite opposing parties into a collaborative process. 


Erinn McKee Hannigan, Esq. and Jeffrey Goodman, Esq.
Successful Collaborative Divorce attorneys from Cincinnati, Ohio

Learning Objectives

Increase ease of talking about, promoting and creating a profitable book of business from Collaborative or other Peacemaking practices. 

Learn from those who have transformed litigation practices into collaborative and peacemaking practices and remain profitable.

Learn step by step how to set up a collaborative case from the beginning and how to get buy-in from yourself, your client and the other side.

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