Divorce and Children

Clearly, children are affected by divorce, often as much as or more than the divorcing couple. Whether the harmful effects endure, though, is largely dependent upon how the parents handle themselves during the process. A Collaborative Divorce always prioritizes the needs of the children, and through the process, extra support is available to parents so that they feel better equipped to do the same. In other words, when the emotional and other needs of the parents are adequately addressed through the collaborative process, it frees up parental energy that may then be devoted to attending to the needs of the children. Read more about Collaborative Divorce.

Whether you choose a Collaborative Divorce or another method, you likely have concerns about how your children will be impacted by the divorce. You may find yourself asking, “How will I tell them that we’re divorcing?” “How can I protect them from experiencing the pain I feel?” “What kind of child custody arrangement will be best for them and minimize disruption?” “What court filings, forms, and agreements are necessary?” “How do I know what the laws are in Tennessee related to divorce, child custody, and support?” “Do I seek financial advice from my attorney or other professional?” “Is there a child support payment calculator available (for estimated TN payments)?” These questions, and dozens of others, may be plaguing you at an already difficult time. In this section, MTCA strives to bring some smoothness to the inevitably rough road ahead by providing the following resources.