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Provided by the Middle Tennessee Collaborative Alliance (MTCA)

Starting the divorce process can be a very daunting task. There are so many decisions to be made, so many factors to consider, and in many cases, other people, such as children, to care for. Tennessee state laws and filings related to divorce, child custody, and financial support are complex. There is a lot of pressure on you, and all this at one of the most stressful, and perhaps confusing, times of your life.

A divorce has legal, financial, and emotional aspects, all of which are addressed by the collaborative divorce process. Still, the emotional stress of divorce can make it hard to think clearly. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused, or you may be acting in a way that is unfamiliar to you. Education may be your best defense.

Gaining information about your legal, financial, and emotional needs, and those of your children, will help you understand the process more clearly, make sound decisions, adequately attend to all family members’ emotional needs, and achieve the overall best possible result. We welcome you to learn more, by clicking on the links to the left.

This information is provided as an educational service from the Middle Tennessee Collaborative MTCA, yet the views expressed in any given article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of MTCA. This information is not intended to be construed as legal, financial, or therapeutic advice. You should consult a qualified lawyer, financial consultant, or mental health professional for advice. State laws vary from time to time, and legal, financial, and therapeutic recommendations likely depend on your unique situation.